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Program Description

The American Academy in Prague (AAP) is a secondary school based on the education system of the United States. A defining characteristic of the education system in the United States is its flexibility. This is a key component that is emphasized at AAP. While the classes at AAP are taught in English and there is a focus on improving English language skills, students will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of math, science, social studies and elective courses.

The school year is divided into three terms, called trimesters. The school day is structured with 5 classes a day, allowing students to choose 5 courses of study each trimester. Class length is 70 minutes. There is an experiential project-based approach to learning at AAP.

Students completing the program at AAP earn a U.S. high school diploma through our partner school. AAP accepts students into 9th 10th and 11th grades. Students earn a credit for each course of study they successfully complete.

Classes within Categories

Each category offers different courses to study. The length of the course is one trimester. Some courses are sequenced to offer opportunities for students to continue their learning in those areas they are most passionate about. Classes may be separated into two levels of difficulty (I. standard, II. advanced/honors). Our educators will advise students on how to design a program and course load that meets their individual needs and interests. Not all courses are offered every trimester. As the program grows, course offerings will be expanded.

AAP is proud to offer a deep variety of courses for students of all interests.


English Composition & Literature

Business Communication



Poetry & Lyrics


Creative Writing

Legends & Mythology

Students applying to AAP

are required to earn


credits in order to receive
high school diploma

Social Studies

United States History

European History

Modern World History

Ancient World History

Systems of Government






International Relations

Students applying to AAP

are required to earn


credits in order to receive
high school diploma


Integrated Mathematics

Algebra I


Trigonometry & Statistics


Business Calculations

Personal Finance

Practical Math

Students applying to AAP

are required to earn


credits in order to receive
high school diploma


Integrated Sciences




Applied Physics

Earth Sciences


Food Science


Modern Technology

Students applying to AAP

are required to earn


credits in order to receive
high school diploma

World Languages

World Languages

Spanish I

Spanish II

German I

German II

French I

French II

Mandarin Chinese I

Mandarin Chinese II

Czech as 1st Language

Czech as 2nd Language

Students applying to AAP

are required to earn


credits in order to receive
high school diploma


Business I

Business II

Intro to Marketing


Intro to Art



Physical Education


Courses are subject to change each year; not all courses will be offered each term or academic year.
Graduation Requirement: 56 Credits (Each credit reflects approximately 60 contact hours of instruction).

For example, if you start studying at AAP in 9th grade, this is how you might organize your Math classes (9 credits in 12 trimesters required) during your four years at AAP.

Theme-Based Learning

Between the first and second trimester and between the second and third trimester, for two weeks, students will engage in a school-wide theme-based learning experience. The topics to explore will be based on current events and will encourage students to take a thoughtful look at issues so they can become meaningfully engaged in their community, be it in Prague or around the world. Theme-based learning allows students to explore and gain a comprehensive understanding of important topics and themes.

In our first year, the first theme-based learning experience will focus on:

The refugee crisis

The refugee crisis has been an unprecedented series of events in our modern history. Students will study the historical, cultural, environmental and economic issues as they relate to the refugee crisis. In addition to identifying and researching these problems, students will also be required to make recommendations for a course of action and defend their positions.


The second theme will be:

Colonization of Mars

Mars offers human-kind its most obvious opportunity to become a multi-planetary species. The challenge then becomes can and how do humans go about colonizing Mars. The United States National Space Policy has set a goal of having a human mission to Mars by 2030. We will explore challenges posed by this extraordinary journey. In addition to the physics, science, and technology necessary for such a trip, we will also explore moral, ethical, economic, and societal issues surrounding such a mission.


Daily Calendar
and School Year Calendar

Period 1

8:30 – 9:40

Period 2

9:50 – 11:00

Period 3

11:10 – 12:20


12:20 – 13:00

Period 4

13:00 – 14:10

Period 5

14:20 – 15:30

Aug 21st Teachers Report
Aug 25th AAP BBQ & Schedule Deliver
Aug 31st Parents Meeting
Sept 4th Orientation for All Students
Sept 5th First Trimester Begins
Sept 28th & 29th No school, Czech Holiday Observance
Oct 14th-22nd No school, Fall Holiday
Oct 23rd - 31st Thematic Learning (Business Department)
November 17th No school, Czech Holiday Observance
December 8th Last Day of Term 1
December 11th First Day of Term 2
December 18th - 22nd Thematic Learning (Social Studies Department)
December 23rd - January 2nd No school, Holiday, Winter Break
February 3rd - 11th No School, Ski holiday - Prague 4
March 23rd Last Day of Term 2
March 26th First Day of Term 3
March 30th - April 2nd No school, Holiday, Easter
April 3rd - 10th Thematic Learning (Sciences Department)
April 30th - May 1st No school, Holiday, Labor Day
May 7th - 8th No school, Czech Holiday Observance
June 15th Last Day of Term 3

Open Day

at the American Academy in Prague

Are you still looking for the perfect school? Would you like to know more about the American Academy in Prague? Just schedule an Individual Admissions Consultation.

We will prepare a special tour just for your family where we show you around our school, explain our teaching style and introduce you to some of our team. The tours will take place at Svatoslavova 333/4 on June 10th from 10 am to 1 pm.

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