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Our Team

Brandon B. Moseley

Headmaster of American Academy in Prague

A native of the USA, Mr. Moseley was raised in the Chicago area, received Bachelor Degrees in both Political Science and Spanish from the University of Nebraska and a Masters in Education from Valparaiso University, in Indiana. A licensed teacher since 2002 and a licensed principal since 2009, our director’s career has included positions in the USA, Brazil, Puerto Rico and the Middle East working with both American and British curriculum institutions as well as the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico and Weil Cornell Medical College.

Mr. Moseley’s academic career has been recognized with multiple awards and commendations for innovation, community involvement and student achievement. He has proudly served elite clientele from around the world, including the royal families of Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, families of current and former presidents, senators and congressmen of Brazil and a variety professional athletes from La Liga, Eredivisie and Liga do Brasil.

Listing his proudest moments as an educator, Mr. Moseley spoke of his students’ achievements. His graduates have gone on to successfully attend and graduate from the top universities in the world, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Sandhurst and Cambridge.

Jarka Toutonghi

Director of Student Affairs

Ms. Toutonghi, MA, MBA is a clinical psychologist with a Bachelor’s and two Master’s Degrees from the USA. She is delighted to be bringing her experience to the American Academy’s students and their families.

In her role as Director of Student Affairs, Ms. Toutonghi will work with all AAP applicants, determining which courses best fit their goals and dreams. She will also support students in their selection of university and preparation of applications.

Dana Piestanska

Director of Student Counselling

Dana Piestanska, known as Ms. D to the students, is Director of Student Counselling for the American Academy in Prague. Ms. D holds an American Master's Degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Philadelphia and a Bachelor's Degree in both Psychology and Criminal Justice from Denver. Her professional career has included positions in the USA, Belgium and Czechia.

At the American Academy, Ms. D is responsible for student integration into the school and supports class selections for students entering their Freshman and Sophomore years.

Ondřej Kania & Tomáš Jízdný

Founders of American Academy in Prague

Four years ago, Ondřej Kania and Tomáš Jízdný, established J&K Consulting, which became the biggest educational agency in the Czech Republic. J&K has placed hundreds of talented students in boarding schools in the USA and Canada.

Attending a boarding school is one of the finest secondary education options available to students. Graduates usually have no problem entering into top universities.

In 2016 they purchased and reconstructed Pražské humanitní gymnázium, changed the educational plan and teaching style. It is all inspired by the educational systems in the USA, Canada and Finland, which are considered to be among the best in the world.

But they were still limited by the Czech educational system while creating a new curriculum.

That is why they have decided to accept an offer from our partner boarding school, to establish a sister school with an American accreditation.

Suzanne Aldana

Dean of School

Suzanne Aldana is an educator with twenty years of diverse experience which spans multi-disciplinary instruction at all levels of K-12 education in four different independent schools located in the Ohio, Florida, and Vermont, U.S.A. Additionally, Ms. Aldana has six years of experience in higher education as a researcher and instructor. She has travelled extensively for both professional and personal purposes. Professional travel abroad has included admissions work, forging sister school partnerships, programmatic research and fostering relationships with international student families in places ranging from China to Scandinavia to southern Europe to the Caribbean.

While working at The Mountain School at Winhall in Vermont, U.S.A., Suzanne developed and implemented a comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum that vaulted the school to one of the top achieving schools in the United States.

Ms. Aldana has degrees in both Education and Biology and is currently pursuing a graduate degree at Harvard University (Massachusetts, U.S.A.).

Amy Marie Smith

English Teacher

Amy Marie Smith is a U.S. native, born and raised in Texas. In 2014, she received her Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Writing from Texas State University, the only public university in the U.S. to graduate a U.S. president.

Her first experience teaching abroad was in Germany in 2012, through a U.S.-based volunteer program called Aide Abroad. From 2014-2016, professional writing became her primary career focus and she wrote successful email marketing campaigns and pitches for two innovative international technology companies. In October 2016, she rejoined the education field. She completed her TEFL certification in Prague and began teaching ESL/EFL at one of the top language schools in the Czech Republic.

Andrés Morales

Social Studies Teacher

Andrés Morales graduated from an American high school just like AAP and went on to complete Bachelor's degrees in Political Science and International Relations in Costa Rica. Mr. Morales holds a Masters Degree in Economy and Business from University College London and is currently pursuing his PhD in the Institute of International Studies at Charles University in Prague.

Mr. Morales has taught for a number of years, working with students of all ages, including assignments teaching Economics and Business at Charles University. His hobbies include playing the guitar and bass.

Andrés is going to teach Business, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and International Relations.

Matt Michaels

History and Physics Teacher

Matt Michaels started both university and his career in the racing industry at only 19 years of age. He attended college full time and worked part time at a race car shop as an apprentice. Mr. Michaels graduated with a degree in History and Education. He also learned the intricacies of race engine preparation.

After graduation he chose to pursue a career in racing, leading him to AMS Performance, in Chicago. After 2 years there, he returned to Texas to pursue teaching. From 2010-2014 he worked at a small private school extending the learning of adults with mental handicaps. Then he spent a year as a middle school math inclusion aid. He worked with students that had a learning disability that need the occasional help to keep pace in the classroom.

Then he spent a year as a middle school math inclusion aid. He worked with students that had a learning disability that need the occasional help to keep pace in the classroom.

Since 2016, Mr. Michaels has been working at PowerHouse Racing, building performance parts for Toyota Supras.

Now he has decided to combine his two careers and passions at our school. Mr. Michaels will be teaching History and Applied Physics.

Cai Shuang

Mandarin Teacher

A native of the Sichuan province of China. With a Bachelor degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and experience teaching at the International School of Prague and the Chinese International School in Prague, Miss Shuang is the perfect teacher for AAP's students. Our Mandarin courses are focused on oral fluency and cultural awareness, exactly what businesses looks for most.

Two years of Mandarin with Miss Shuang will, truly, open doors to new worlds! Are you ready for an exchange program in China? Start studying Mandarin this September!

Annelee Kriek

Mathematics Teacher

Since 1999, Mrs. Kriek has been teaching high school in her native South Africa. Her husband's recent selection to work with the Czech National Rugby Union has brought us the perfect mathematics teacher for our AAP students!

Mrs. Kriek is particularly excited about bringing project-based learning to her mathematics classes and looks forward to making math theory meet math reality in her classes. Holding an Advanced Certificate in Mathematical Literacy from the University of Cape Town as well as a diploma in Natural Sciences from the Normal College in Pretoria, she is another well-rounded member of our staff who will be able to introduce her lessons in a way that students are excited about what they are learning.

A very active educator and experienced coach, the after-school athletic activities will also be a place where you can find Mrs. Kriek at work. Whether you are studying Personal Finances, Math Foundations, Algebra, Statistics or Trigonometry, we are certain that you have never had a math class like those that Mrs. Kriek is preparing for the AAP students!

Luis Alipio

Art Teacher

Luis Alipio was born in León, a northern town in Spain. He completed his masters degree in the Fine Arts Faculty of Complutense University of Madrid; since then he has been developing his passions in sculpture, ceramics, languages and education. He arrived to Prague in 2011 under the EVS grant to work in a pottery school, Muddum. Luis has extensive teaching experience for several age groups such as children, youth and adults. He conducts independent art classes for adults in contemporary art and language learning through arts in Prague and on his free time he collaborates with other fellow artists making animation, theater and dance.

We are just hiring the best teachers from all over the world.

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We will prepare a special tour just for your family where we show you around our school, explain our teaching style and introduce you to some of our team. The tours will take place at Svatoslavova 333/4 on June 10th from 10 am to 1 pm.

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